IDE CF Cart experience ?

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By snout

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06-02-2003, 22:45

I own a ATA-CF interface since Oss and still did not order some CF carts. I was thinking on buying 2 cards of 32MB. I can always connect my good old HD when I need more storage room Wink

By cax

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23-03-2007, 18:16

By the way, will such a device that wasn't designed for MSX, work on MSX machine ?

By Prodatron

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23-03-2007, 18:26

As it is IMHO not much more than a simple adapter it works for every IDE configuration. At least it works fine with the Amstrad CPC, but I couldn't test mine with the MSX, as my Sunrise IDE is a CF card edition.

By Sd-Snatcher

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23-03-2007, 19:28

With MSX too. Big smile

By jltursan

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23-03-2007, 20:57

Well, in fact Sunrise sells the same adapter in their page:

CompactFlash adaptor

By cax

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24-03-2007, 15:38

jltursan, sure they do, that what I mentioned in my question.

By sunrise

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25-03-2007, 13:41

It depends on the chipset of the padial mapper, i have also a padial mapper and it works.
But since padial has used several chipsets for his mapper , therefor the question

By PingPong

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25-03-2007, 16:06

Does anyone know if this interface works on a plain msx1?
If yes, How much ram is needed?

By dhau

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25-03-2007, 17:06

Dear Sunrise, I sent money a while ago, from aoboroc *at* gmail *dot* com. Did you get it? Did you send me my CF adapter? I send you e-mails to your paypal e-mail, but don't get answers...

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