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By luppie

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13-05-2011, 00:03

Hi MSX Community,

Today I got an idea for a new hardware/software project for the MSX and would like your opinion.

I want to create a little box that connects to the paralel port (for some LED's) and the joystick port (for the controls)

The idea is like buzzer for the playstation, to connect 4 controllers with buttons and a couple of LED's to show who pushed what button.
The software asks you all kinds of questions and let you see pictures, let you hear some music and you have to answer the questions.

The hardware is not the hard part, but the software is (for me).

Are there people interested in these kind of hardware and/or games and are there people interested to help me on this project ?

Only if i got enough feedback I will start this, otherwise this is just a little brainwave.

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13-05-2011, 11:56

If you want each player to have one button & led you can have 3 players connected to one joystick port (max 6 players, if you make two) and you don't need to use the printer port at all (centronix 14 connectors are a bit hard to get)... How ever this requires the software not to use BIOS interrupt services as they tend to mess up the output to joystick ports.

By Miguel_Noe

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27-05-2011, 00:37

Yo quiero conectar a mi msx un pic a las salidas de 8bites y ver que datos pasan le meteré una pantalla LCD... No se! No se! Haber si tengo tiempo . Leer la salida al casetes...muchas cosas y poco tiempo.

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