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23-05-2018, 00:04

Hello to all. I'm new and I speak only Italian, and I use a translator, I apologize if mine English will not be perfect.
I have been following the website for a long time, and now I can offer you my most sincere congratulations for the your job!

My first question is if someone managed to use a table scanner with an MSX?

Personally I use a G.Dos-Italy interface, (I think it's the same as the original Panasonic or Hanscanner Hal-Laboratory interfaces) with input ps2 (like that for the mouse) with hand scanner.

I'd like to use one from the table, much more precise and comfortable even in B/W, grayscale or maybe 16
or 256 colors.

Or does anyone know how to connect this scanner to the interface?

Thanks so much. Smile Smile Smile

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