JoyMega adapter

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By Grauw

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20-12-2017, 14:10

The opposite? That’s what I meant. I don’t have a JoySNES, so the availability of a Sega version of their controllers is very welcome!

@syn Hum, really? Oh... I’m confusing RetroBit with 8Bitdo... Dang.

By gdx

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20-12-2017, 14:17

It's yet a good news.

By roadfighter

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13-06-2018, 20:12

Mounty wrote:

We recently released a neat little adapter so you can play 3-button games like Pointless Fighting etc with a Megadrive gamepad. It works perfectly with a 6-button gamepad but has yet to be tested with a 3-button.

Can't help wondering if this was made from the schematic i made in the topic started in 2013.....
Joymega adapter on small PCB/connector (any interest?)
Well anyway, nice pcb and keep MSX alive. :D

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