JVC HC-80 monitor output pinout

By rjp

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30-04-2020, 00:45

I've got a JVC HC-80 (MSX 2), but I lost the monitor cable, which is a DIN-6 connector. I was looking at the MSX Wiki and in the Internet whereabouts, but I didn't found. Does anyone has its pinout?

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By sdsnatcher73

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30-04-2020, 09:44

I double checked on the wiki, it is 5 pin DIN and most likely the same as earlier Japanese Yamaha and Victor machines. A monochrome cable for the Philips machines works on these Yamaha/Victor machines in color.

By gdx

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30-04-2020, 10:04

I do not know the pinout of this connector but if possible it is better to use the RGB21. No NTSC monitor needed and the picture will be better.


By sdsnatcher73

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30-04-2020, 11:50

RGB will give you better image, spec for the DIN connector can be found here, look for MSX standard AV DIN-5 connector (MSX-Datapack).