KB-10 Docking Station Clone

By jdgabbard

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25-07-2022, 21:31

I do not think I've shared this design here. I recently released my RD-10 clone of the KB-10 interface that I wrote about in this series of blog posts. The unit is functional, implements two cartridge slots (Slot2 & Slot3), both +/- 12v rails, a +12 / +5 / GND port useful for powering floppy drives, as an experimental Audio Input port. It does not include the Printer Port. I didn't think it was very relevant in 2022. It should be compatible with the MX-10, MX-15, and MX-101 as I believe they all share the same pinout for the expansion adapter. The source files, STLs for a printed case, and gerbers can be found here: https://github.com/jdgabbard/RD-10-Docking-Station

Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure.

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By sdsnatcher73

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25-07-2022, 21:53

Nicely done!

By jdgabbard

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25-07-2022, 22:10

Thank you!

By Wierzbowsky

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26-07-2022, 02:37

Man, this is really cool! But may I suggest an improvement? When the external power is on, it would be best to show it with a LED on top of the case.

By Danjovic

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26-07-2022, 05:51

Awesome! Thanks for sharing!

By jdgabbard

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26-07-2022, 17:55


This docking station powers the MX-10 directly. So you’d already see the LED on the computer itself. But I’ll keep that in mind if I do another version of the board!