Lotharek SD CB - HXC Floppy Emulator REV C

By Matej

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10-02-2016, 15:42

I will buy 2x MSX2 with FDD. And I have FDD emulator at home.
SD CB - HXC Floppy Emulator REV C
Anyone is using this? How DSK files works?
Will Philips 8235 FDD pinout be same as on PC Floppy?

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By st1mpy

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10-02-2016, 16:35

I have it connected to a FDD controller cartridge.
You need to convert the dsk file to a format used by the fdd emulator.
I'm not sure about the pin outs to your computer, but it does have some jumper pins, so you should read the manual.

By roadfighter

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14-02-2016, 11:03

@ Matej, if you have a double density drive in your 8235 already then you can use the emulator to.
I have a 8235 with a SD Emulator build in to the machine and it works great.
But like i mentioned i already made the change in the msx for DD drive, you need to change the rom(s) and the Drive cable.
And like st1mpy said you have to use a PC with windows to convert the disk files to the correct format.
But the disks will be read and write, so you can start a game disk and save your progress of the game (when the game has the option of course)

By o.geerdink

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14-02-2016, 18:03

I've been looking into the possibilities making a disk selection tool for MSX but the way to communicate with the HxC is to send certain commands to the diskdrive that are only possible directly, not through the disk-rom meaning a driver for every type of hardware needs to be implemented. And the fact that you can't use the DSK format kinda says: create our own firmware for the gotek drive.

I have been looking at the cortex firmware (which you can download freely) for Amiga, the author says he one day will make that open source but so far he ain't jet. I have no idea how to create my own firmware at this point, but when the Cortex firmware is made open source it will be easy to adapt the gotek to use .dsk and allow it to be controlled through the MSX disk-rom's.

By st1mpy

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14-02-2016, 22:40

with the gotek, you just have to rename .dsk to .img, no file conversion.