Matsushita EME-113 Disk drive - troubleshooting advice?

By Eld

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03-03-2019, 13:49


I've been trying to get a floppy drive working to no avail, until I thought thank goodness there's probably a forum where I can ask about this!

The floppy drive is from a KX-W1000 Panasonic Word Processor I bought on ebay for a few dollars and which I would like to get fully working. The reason I ask here is that the drive is a Matsushita EME-113 belt-driven drive and *almost* identical to the EME-213 drives used in the Panasonic FS-A1 Turbo R machines, as seen here and here for example.

Initially I believed the only problem was the disintegrated drive belt. When accessing the drive I would hear a very high-pitched motor whine, followed by a 'no disk found' error message on the word processor's screen. I replaced the belt with a flat rubber hair-elastic the same as described here and although I don't have full trust in the hair elastic yet the drive is spinning very well (these hair elastics seem much more suitable than a rubber band).

Now when I access the drive the floppy appears to spin very well however the stepper motor does not engage -- so the heads do not move and I get the same 'no disk found' error message.

The drive appears to be a Matsushita EME-113KV, though the sticker's a little faded. Its a 3.5" drive but has only a 24p FFC connector instead of the standard PC floppy drive connectors.

Here's a picture of the circuit board:

The Stepper Motor IC is a TA7774F. I've attached a logic analyzer and multimeter to the Stepper Motor IC while trying to access the drive. It has power but I see no indication of it receiving anything from the other IC on the board, which is connected to the TA7774F.

The floppy controller IC on the board is marked DN8858FB and I can't find a datasheet for it.

The drive is spinning up the disk, yet it is not engaging the stepper motor. Mechanically, I can not find anything wrong with the drive that I can see. The electrolytic caps all seem good as well.

So, my question at this stage is: what is likely to be wrong with the drive? Hopefully those with experience in Floppy Drive repair will have some thoughts.

Also if I can't get the drive fixed then I will investigate trying to make some adapter to get a standard FDD to work with the 24p FCC connector, which I see has been done for some MSX machines.

Thanks for any suggestions, I would love some ideas for troubleshooting the drive!

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By Eld

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11-04-2019, 17:00

Just like to report that while I was not able to get the original floppy drive working in this old Panasonic word processor, I was able to replace it by following the excellent instructions given at Thanks to anyone who took the time to read my post :)

By gdx

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12-04-2019, 02:03

Clean the pulleys and look for a belt of the right size. It is describe in the wiki.
If it is a little different the drive will work badly.