Megareport with OneChipMSX @ Altera DE1 (with 15.01.2017)

By user888

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25-02-2017, 17:19


I'm running an Altera DE1 board with an OCM of (the 15.01.2017 version with Nextor).

It work perfectly. Loading ROMs with EXECROM works like a charm. Except for MegaReport. For MegaReport I have a ROM and two disk image (360K, 720K).

  • With EXECROM MEGAREP.ROM (of course with MegaRAM enabled) it just reboots
  • When using MGLOAD MEGAREP.ROM /S02 it says "Load complete" and then nothing. After reset (even soft reset) it restarts to DOS. I've set the switches to use ESE-RAM: 1024K + ASCII8
  • When using EP MEGAR3.DSK /B /D /R to load one of the disk images I get the error "Not a DOS disk reading drive A:". I get this for every disk image (also for disk mania disks)

My question: how can I get MegaReport to run on my DE1? And also: how can I get EP.COM to work? I'm missing something here. Looks like after reboot the physical disk gets priority?

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By luppie

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25-02-2017, 21:34

I've tried to reproduce it om my Zemmix NEO and can confirm that the ROM file doesn't load. Even when choosing the correct mapper (ASCII8)

The disk images do load correct when using SofaRunIt.
You can also extract the files from the diskimage and put it on your SD-card, MegaReport runs fine from SD.

Also the ROM version doesn't work using a MFR with OPFXSD on a Turbo-R.

By AxelF

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25-02-2017, 23:11

I created a MegaReport loader for DOS, Just download the loader,
Put MEGAREP.COM and the Original MEGAREP.BIN on to your DOS disk and run MEGAREP.COM

By user888

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26-02-2017, 10:06

Thanks for the quick answers, will try this afternoon.

By user888

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26-02-2017, 16:18

I can confirm both options work: the loader works, also Sofarun mounts and starts the disk images without problem. Loading the rom from Sofarun doesn't work.

Thank you very much, nice tool this Sofarun btw.