Mitsubishi RM-501

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09-05-2015, 16:11


The Movemaster II Mitsubishi RM-501 Robot Arm is in the "MSX Harware List" as well as in "Generation MSX".

Robots with drive units

I found a picture of it in the page 88 of MSX Magazine 1984-10

Picture of RM-501 at MSX MAG 1984-10

I can't read Nihongo, but at the price of 1.090.000 JPY I think this Robot Arm was not manufactured to be an MSX peripheral, nor intended to be controlled by an 8-bit machine. Even the control unit using RS-232C.

This way, I think it was pictured in the article of MSX Magazine just for comparison/reference.

Maybe you could review the listing of it as MSX Hardware, or then just add a note mentioning the article in MSX Magazine 1984-10 page 88.

You will find a lot of information and videos about it on the internet, but none related to MSX :-/

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By mars2000you

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13-10-2016, 01:21

Here's the manual:

And more pictures:

This device needs to be used with the MOVE MASTER computer (MX-6000), but the examples are in a BASIC very similar to MSX-BASIC.

I think it's mentioned in the MSX MAGAZINE only to compare with the ML-ROBO which is conceived for MSX (the RM-501 was created before the MSX standard)

According to the manual, two other computers can be used with this device and the provided cable: MULTI 16 and NEC PC-8001. For other personal computers, a special cable could be bought separately. So, is it MSX compatible ? It's unclear and nobody seems to have tried this experience ... Just note that MULTI 16 is a 8088-based computer while the NEC PC-8001 is a Z80-based computer ...

(Note: In the Japanese culture, PC is not limited to Windows/Mac/LInux machines, it includes also MSX and other Japanese computers)

By mars2000you

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13-10-2016, 14:56

The demonstration on MSX will be soon made :

By Manuel

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13-10-2016, 23:38

Um, but this is the SV-2000B robot arm,isn't it?

By mars2000you

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13-10-2016, 23:44