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By msxholder

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28-04-2014, 09:49

Adaptor name (number) ML-TS(H)

By wernerkai

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04-07-2014, 04:41


Manuel, You've got mail Smile



By Manuel

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04-07-2014, 19:43

Thanks, you also got mail! Smile

By Manuel

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09-07-2014, 21:50

Is there anyone who has technical specs of the ML-TS2, especially regarding the memory map in slot 3-1?
So far we found out that there's a 64kB ROM with an 8kB block mapper visible in page 1 (first half), switchable via address 0x7FC0. The 2nd half of that page contains some dedicated RAM. But on 0x7F00-0x7F03 there seems to be something mapped there too. Would it be the modem? What is on those addresses exactly?

So if anyone has a service manual or something of this beast, or other info that can help us to understand the details of this machine, please speak up Smile

By mars2000you

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09-07-2014, 22:34

The only available infos on the net are on this Japanese page :

By gdx

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10-07-2014, 10:58

The difference between the ML-TS2 and ML-TS2(H) is the gray cover on the handset. LOL!



By sd_snatcher

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23-10-2020, 19:33

msxholder wrote:

The power supply
left 8,5 V ,top 8 V, right ground
seen towards connector

What's the model code of the Mitsubishi power supply?

By msxholder

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23-10-2020, 22:40

Number name 91-26430 DCPACK

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