MoonSound effect chip

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By DarQ

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11-06-2001, 19:51

If got a question!

Why did Sunrise or Henrik Gilvad never installed a effect chip on the moonsound? I think it's strange because Yamaha did make 2 special effect chips for the OPL4.

They can be used for reverberation, flanger and more special effects like that.

Adding one of these on the moonsound would improve it's quality and unfortunatly increase the price, but i don't know how much it would cost.

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By SjaaQ

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11-11-2001, 13:10

I guess the thing was expensive enough already? Since the market for the cartridge was a bit limited, maybe not that many people were interested in a effects chip. Also, the OPL4 itself was such a big improvement over all existing sound expansions, missing an effects chip was not a disaster Smile

By DarQ

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15-11-2001, 19:48

Hmm, this message is actually for the MSX.ORG people.

Can you ask the question in a POLL??

If there are more people who want the effect chip in the moonsound then we could ask sunrise to to so!

By msd

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07-06-2002, 13:17


This is kind of a late responds from me, but mabye there are still people reading this topic.

This effect processor(DSP) can indeed be connected to the opl4, however the opl4 offers limited functionality for it. You can olny select if a opl4 channel should be routed through the DSP or not, also extra mixing hardware must be added to combine these channels again (the channels straight from the opl4 and the ones routed through the DSP). It would not be very easy for sunrise to place a extra chip on the opl4 board. This DSP is a SMD chip with lots of pins and it would also require extra I/O ports with the Z80.

But I will modify mbwave if there is ever going to be such a moonsound modification.

Greeting Marcel Delorme

By snout

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24-08-2004, 20:46

... How many people would be interested in this upgrade? And what woud the estimated cost-per-upgrade be? It sounds quite tedious and expensive to me :/

By wolf_

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25-08-2004, 01:36

rather invest in s-ram .. that requiem I did had plenty of reverb already.. ok it's tricky, it consumes ram, and editing sux .. but hey .. reverb! Smile

hmmmhmm... can I say uhm .. according to Sunrise a 1mb expansion would be relativily cheaper than 512k ... I wouldn't mind pluging-in 1mb.. (greatly expands the soundquality!) and somewhat try to 'force' that amount to others ..but uhm..

*kuch* I did make some noise about 640k.. did I? *kuch*


By anonymous

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25-08-2004, 01:46

I would prefer if the ROM and RAM could switch addressing space, so there would be more SRAM tones available...
And a DAC with DMA, please Smile


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25-08-2004, 02:18

I would rather be interested in
1. fixing my moonsound again
2. getting a new one

By Sonic_aka_T

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25-08-2004, 02:57

Yeah, I'd prefer a DAC too... great for SFX... For me there's not too much sense in having 1MB vs 640kb. 640kB ought to be enough for everyone... Tongue

By ro

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25-08-2004, 07:39

Reverb is always cool. (the trick Wolf talkes about is called "delay" or even "echo"when using higher delay rates, it's NOT the same as reverb. When using delays lower then, say, 1 ms, a Flanger effect will pop up.)

I think adding RAM on the board is a better option... the 640k thing Wolf keeps whimping about.. I'd choose for more RAM.

2 cents? dunno

By BiFi

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25-08-2004, 08:08

I guess such upgrade with an effect chip would be too expensive indeed. It should've been added in the first place. I don't what that effect chip costs though (as in: what would Moonsound have cost then) and if it would have been such a success as it is now. Gfx9000 was too expensive back then and there are hardly any programs for it apart from the software that came with it.

Nobody wanted to develop for it because it was too expensive resulting in lack of interest because there is hardly any software for it, so... maybe it's too early but there should be some infinite loop in this part Wink

in short... More SRAM is cheaper (hence, I've got 1 MB already).

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