MoonSound effect chip

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By msd

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26-08-2004, 14:39

It would not be completly the same. Depending on how a mounsound is (re)build. The opl4 has 3 stereo outputs. FM , wave and Mix.. for every channel the output channel can be selected. Wave can go to wave and to mix output, fm can go to fm output and mix. This means that effects can be applied to specified channels.. not for every channels differently but still. The only disadvantage is that those 3 channels needs to be mixed again somewhere. Btw this is not very different from synthesizser, they also don't have different effects for every channel.

By Grauw

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26-08-2004, 20:51

msd: before that, I think better software which fully supports all 18 FM-channels and 24 Wave-channels at the same time and multiple events per step would be a much useful (not to mention cheaper / less wasteful, *grin*) improvement Smile.


By wolf_

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26-08-2004, 20:56

I still think that 640k and a better mbwave/fm can be enough for everyone. If you need more samples in your whole game, then I rather suggest working with a sample-pool and dynamically load the samples that you need.

In all cases, the 720kb disk should die, and CD/HD/CF should live Smile


Paladin (1012)

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17-09-2004, 13:05

For special FX i use 2 Mono channels on my mixer and from that i route one channel to my alesis nanoverb.

By mars2000you

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17-09-2004, 13:24

Very original message Smile

But I don't understand at all Sad

EDIT : this post must be deleted, as it refers to a messge that is now in a black hole ....Why the edit feature doesn't allow to delete my own message ????

By ro

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17-09-2004, 14:30

I'd be happy to press the Moderator alert button for ya mars! Tongue

Pois: Only ONE channel routed to the Reverb aux? or is that nanoverb equiped with MONO return?

that'll sound cool. reverb on the right and dry on the left.. gheh.
If you get your hands on some DELAY equipment, feeding it a mono channel and have one channel resulting the DRY sound while the other channel the DELAY (about 20 ms) you'd end up having a phat sound. might be worth trying with the whimpy PSG stuff and all.

ah well, thaz jus the sound engineer in me speaking. lez get back to coding


Paladin (1012)

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17-09-2004, 22:12

also SCC sounds Realy GREAT WITH a LITTLE Reverb

The nano verb is A stereo Device

One aux in one aux out

it has allot of pressets reverb,flanger,delay,rotation

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