MSX Audio 2 (stereo)

By -Neo-

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20-09-2017, 14:17


I found this document:

It explains how to build a stereo MSX Audio setup by putting the I/O address of the second MSX Audio to C2 and C3 instead of C0 and C1.

I am wondering which software and/or use cases there are for such a setup. Does anybody know?

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By -Neo-

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20-09-2017, 14:34

I did find that SUper Music Editor from Xelasoft supports this but I can't find where to download it. Can anyone point me where I can?

By Meits

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20-09-2017, 15:28

There's a demo scattered over the net and probably somewhere on a sunrise picturedisk/magazine. I think it would be a good time to ask Alex to share it with the masses. I'll ask him.
Be sure to understand that this is not a tracker. If you're unfamiliar with MML there's not much you can do with it.
On the other hand, it's quite a massive collection of chips that can be addressed simultaneously:
1 MSX-Music
2 MSX-Audios
4 SCCs
47 musical channels + MSX-Music drums + 2x ADPCM MSX-Audio channels
50 musical channels + no MSX-Music drums + 2x ADPCM MSX-Audio channels

Auch Big smile

By Manuel

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20-09-2017, 22:50

By -Neo-

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25-09-2017, 15:03

Got it working, playing MSX Audio 1, MSX Audio 2, MSX Music and SCC1 with SME3 player. On the site Manuel showed you can download several SME 3 songs. Are there more songs available for SME3?

It's a cool concept having all those chips playing. Only one missing is the SFG-05 I guess.

By roadfighter

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28-09-2017, 11:40

You could use mod player from xelasoft (only for Turbo-r) the you have stereo with two music modules.

By Meits

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28-09-2017, 15:35

-Neo- wrote:

Only one missing is the SFG-05 I guess.

Those were not widely known of in the dutch scene back then. Emulation was something people were starting to think of doing and the first emulators didn't support that chip as far as I know.

By Grauw

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28-09-2017, 15:51

Yeah, I had never heard of the SFG until four years back orso...

I think it wasn’t even that few were sold (it’s not too hard to find one if you’re looking for it), but the target audience of professional musicians didn’t have much of a connection with the MSX community. Also it was sold worldwide, in many countries where there was not even any MSX community to speak of.

By alexito

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15-04-2019, 01:28

I just want to update the link to the MOD:


and you can test your mod via Operation Wolf Enhanced or Space Invaders Collection Enhanced


I will post my old pictures about the mod if I can remember where I put those. :evil:

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