MSX Blaster by 8bits4ever, does anyone have any experience with this?

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By Pencioner

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22-10-2018, 18:54

Thanks a lot Meits! As far as i understood, you desolder only the two pins from amplifier IC (the ones which then have two resistor pins soldered to them) and no rail cuts nessessary (Eugeny, here's link to the Eric's page - could you please check if i'm correct? looks like there's no any changes except for the 4 resistors added)

By AxelStone

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24-10-2018, 13:38

Hydragon wrote:

I stepped aside from brazilian reproductions because of bad experiences, as in harming the computer as a matter of fact!

I'm affraid I agree with you, my experience with brazilian hardware is no good, so I prefer to look for alternatives. The build quality of 8bit4ever products is quite good.

By Omega

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13-11-2018, 19:04

Yes, correct, just lift 2 pins add 4 resistors.

@Eugeny, yes, I think WB has been open sourced at least that's how I interpret Eric's statement on his site... and yes, only improvement is adding of 4 resistors to opamp section as shown. It changes the opamp buffer (voltage follower) to an amplifier to bring the level to proper line out voltage.

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