MSX game pad for less than 5$

By socram8888

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10-09-2010, 20:49


This is a tutorial to adapt a Sega Genesis controller from DealExtreme ( in order to make it 100% compatible with the standard MSX controllers

The best thing, is that the 6 buttons can be still accessed if the program is coded properly

If it's a original MSX software, it runs in "compatibility mode", using only button B and C as trigger 1 and as trigger 2

The controller is the depicted here:
By socram8888 at 2010-09-09

Requiered things:

  • DealExtreme Sega Genesis controller
  • IC CD4001 (NOR gate) or CD4011 (NAND gate). Any other NAND or NOR gate will work if the pinout is the same, as the HEF4001 I used
  • 10 cmts of cable
  • Soldering iron
  • Glue (Loctite, Superglue...)

The first thing you must do, is to disassemble the controller, unscrewing the five Philips screws on the back of the controller

This is how it looks inside of my controller. If your controller looks different (PCB or cable colors), ASK ME BEFORE DOING ANYTHING. IF YOU DO NOT DO IT RIGHT, YOU CAN SERIOUSLY DAMAGE YOU MSX

If it's the same as mine, you must proceed to desolder and solder cables. The arrow points to these cables that has been modified.

Now get the chip and unfold its pins, so it should look like this one:

Paste the IC on the back of the PCB, the most centered possible, so it won't touch any plastic:

Now, you must solder wires to pins 3, 7 and 14, and make a bridge between pins 1 and 2. Here's a picture that shows where the cables must be soldered. Do not solder for now orange wire anywhere

Solder the orange wire to pins 1 and 2

The final step. You must solder wires coming from the IC to the main board. If there's a "Pin 3", for example, on the picture, this means that there must be soldered the cables that goes from IC pin 3


I take no resposability if you damage you tools, your MSX, yourself or the world. Do it at your own risk

PS: Sorry, there are many pictures on spanish. In fact, I did this tutorial for a Spanish-talking site :)

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By syn

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10-09-2010, 21:40

Good stuff. I have a official 6 button pad by sega and i loved it for megadrive games, the d-pad is great, imho one of the best d-pads ever (together with the saturn pad one)

The one on dealextreme dont look official but most (not all) of the chinese knockoffs of console pads are great anyway, like some of the Saturn joypad replicas for pc that were for sale a while back (the saturn pad is regarded as the best conventional (digital) joypad of all time).

The other topic regarding this pad included a link to a site with a schematic to build an external convertor, which I prefer, because I don't like the idea of irreversibly modding retrogear that can't be bought anymore.

Too bad they are sold out at dealextreme atm.

Would you think your mod can work on MegaDrive / Master System Joypad Converter by Tototek? If yes then we can have PSX/PS2 controllers on MSX system with 2 or 8 buttons! (I think that convertor can work without modding on msx since master system joypads are compatible with msx afaik)

By socram8888

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10-09-2010, 23:23

Oh, too bad. I didn't see that link. What a useless work I've done Crying

Well, at least is cheaper Smile

By syn

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10-09-2010, 23:51

Your method is good! I love the option to have 6 button on MSX Big smile And you have great tutorial with pics Big smile

If I had a few unofficial megadrive pads i would mod them using your method Big smile