MSX HDMI mutlimedia card

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By saez05

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01-12-2017, 16:52

I'm happy, the project is still ongoing, I wrote this

Hello, Jose,

The hardware is 100% finished and debugged. I need a very small modification for the PCB to correct a DFU mode. Currently I'm working on the FW for the microcontroller.

Plan to get it all done for the next MSX show.

Thank you for your feedback and patience.

Kindest regards,


By hamlet

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01-12-2017, 17:17

I really do apologize for my dumb commentary! I wanted refer to the pirates flag and did not thought much further.
Great there are fantastic things to come!

By maxis

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25-12-2017, 03:25

Merry Xmas Everyone!

Just to confirm, the project is still alive and kicking Wink

As you have noticed, I had a lack of bandwidth for the last 4 months.

Now mainly working on the DFU (Device Firmware Upgrade) which is the uC firmware. This way I can upgrade FPGA without calling back the boards or asking the users to install the full Xilinx tool chain on their computer and buy the programmer.

I have completed a large chunk of the uC FW for the USB host support and now the board can support HID devices (keyboards and mice). Still have to add the Xilinx support for the keyboard emulation.
The second thing is 4 wire SDHC interface supported in the uC. But still I need to find a time to write the DISK I/O routine and add the Xilinx support for that.

Once the USB keyboard/mouse support function is complete, I'll post the new video. Same for the SD card partition manager and DFU.

As you can see, there are still quite a few things to be done. But I'm focused on finishing off this project.
Thank you.

P.S. I apologize for the slow down, now it's more difficult for me to find a significant amount of free time to continue at the same pace. So, I continue but much slower...

By Pencioner

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25-12-2017, 20:21

Marry Christmas! Thank you for continuing the project. It will be a kick-ass device!

By maxis

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12-02-2018, 22:21

Short Procyon update:

I have finished the debugging of the HID USB support for MSX uC firmware and the FPGA hardware. It runs flawlessly. You can plug/unplug your PC/MAC wired/wireless keyboard any time to Procyon card. Once enumerated the keyboard can work either together with your built-in MSX keyboard or instead (in case of the absence of the original MSX keyboard).
I've tested this HW with the following machines:
- Yamaha YIS805/256;
- Yamaha YIS503II;
- Toshiba FS-TM1 (same architecture as Panasonic FS-A1F)
- Yamaha CX5MII (not YIS503II motherboard)
Yet to try out:
- Panasonic FS-A1ST

Now, if the wireless transceiver is supporting both mouse and the keyboard, then both will be enumerated by the onboard uC but only the keyboard reports will be passed through to the MSX HW. Also the USB keyboard is used to go through dialogues in the Procyon OSD menu at any time. The distinction between MSX/OSD is done by pressing and holding the MENU/WINDOWS button.

Currently analyzing the possibility to emulate the mouse in the same fashion.

Video is yet to come.

By Meits

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12-02-2018, 23:34

maxis wrote:

Video is yet to come.

And that's what started this big project Smile

By maxis

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13-02-2018, 10:27

Meits wrote:
maxis wrote:

Video is yet to come.

And that's what started this big project Smile

It seems that I'm older than internet generation Wink adjusting the dictionary I'll rephrase this "YOUTUBE video is yet to come" Wink

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