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31-03-2020, 20:09

Several years ago I wanted to make my own Wozblaster OPL4 cartridge so in my search I was in contact with some IC shops but finally I was able to buy a Dalsori cartridge.

That said, I would like to share with you a couple of links of these shops just in case they are unknown and useful for you as a HW developer or end user. Keep in mind that very often the stock quantity announced in these kind of shops is not always true, anyway I think it's worth to check it out. As far as I see now, they "have" V9938, V9958, YM2413 chips: (Germany) (Hong Kong)

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By lintweaker

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01-04-2020, 09:19

Thanks for the links.
ic2world has a V9958 in PLCC format ? That would be a first :-)

I used, most of the times the quoted stock is untrue. At least for those older chips. Send in an inquiry first before ordering...