MSX Multi megarom Cartridge - upto 16M bit

By mygodess

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15-02-2018, 01:05

Hi, long time no see.

Supersoniqs asked me about my current status cause I sent the reply.

This is the latest multirom mapper. The altera EPM3064 IC does not have enough pins and memory capacity

cause it supports just 2 kinds of mappers with 1 firmware. I need to download the firmware if I need to change

the mapper.

Thanks to @moonsuncst, he supports to make new mapper which supports multi mega-rom cartridge.

We added very special commands to set base address of the rom cartridge, and it jumps to there.

Cause when the rom cartridge wants to jump some address, it jumps the "special address"+"rom wants to jump".

With the Konami SCC cartridges and ocm-related hardware (like Zemmix Neo or Mini IQ-3000) the cartridge

copies the rom image onto ocm mapper memory and it jumps to the ocm address. Because of this, the cartridge

does not have the SCC ic inside, the SCC sound is generated via ocm itself.

SCC sound with OCM

I'm still alive here in Korea.

Making this kinds of things. (Raspberry PI game emulators )

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By gdx

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15-02-2018, 09:01

As I understand it, you made a megaFlashRom with bi-mapper support.
SCC mapper and what the other? SCC sound works only with OCM? Contacts are in copper?

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