msx sunrise ide clone schematic?

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By АIеks

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23-05-2020, 16:11

You do not have a working GAL or your circuitry. Solve this issue

Further it will be even more difficult. GAL timing will not match the IDE.

By popolon_

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27-05-2020, 18:12

Well, the problem was eeprom chip (addition to that faulty GAL chip). It did not work with SST39SF010A chip, but it shuold have worked?. I have tried two that kind of chips, and both did not work. I could program and read those with Willem programmer, so the chips are not faulty.
Now when I received AM29F010 chips, idefload could program then eeprom and after reboot the sunrise was working. I had to manually give slot number for idefload (so autodetection did not work).

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