MSX to internet hardware

By MrZwing

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08-01-2017, 11:23

Hello i been looking for either the hardware or at least the schematics for hardware that can help connect my super computer (Spectravideo svi-728) to the internets or at least the network. stumbled on Denyonet but i am only directed to a Duch site where no shop or information can be found but i also guess that it is a expensive piece of gear therefore also looking for schematics or something similar to maybe build myself.

anyone have any tips or hints?

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By caro

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08-01-2017, 11:28

By luppie

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08-01-2017, 11:35

By MrZwing

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08-01-2017, 17:29

Hmm vill take alook at ObsoNet2, couldn't find any other documentation on Gr8NET except manual. and when i went to Gr8bit homepage they only sold the computer kit and didn't see anything about Gr8net at all.

By Sebbeug

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08-01-2017, 17:44

contact Eugeny Brychkov on GR8BIT website.