MSX2+ Hardware queries: Memory Expansion / Tape Cable(!)


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26-07-2010, 16:52


I have now a fully working Panasonic MSX2+ (with tape port!) which i am 100% satisfied with! Smile I have 2 important questions:

1) What memory upgarde should i get? I have heard loads but am not sure which is best suited for me! I am not really a techy person so this upgrade should be as easy as possible! My system currently has 64k RAM / 128k VRAM

2) Is it still possible to by tape cables for this machine?

Thanks for your time! Smile

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By kwilting

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26-07-2010, 18:27

I don't know where you live but some forummembers can do internal memoryupgrades. Another solution would be to buy an external memory mapper. That's what I do, I use an external 1Mb Mapper for my Sony MSX2+.

Repairbas on this forum sells new Tape cables for connecting a data recorder to your MSX.


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27-07-2010, 18:38

thanks for the info. i live in England. the external mapper sounds good if it can run memory hungry games. where can i buy one from?


By Jipe

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27-07-2010, 19:20


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28-07-2010, 23:55

well i am after the full 512k/1mb ram upgrade. if someone could do that hard mod that lives in the uk then great if not just point me in the direction to where to buy a memory mapper! Smile


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29-07-2010, 14:43

Padial is AFAIK only one who produces memory mappers ATM.

These cartridges are not cheap... and I mean both price & quality...

By Repair-Bas

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29-07-2010, 20:25

I have 512 kb 2nd hand mappers for sale (easy to expand to 1024 kB)

Tape-cables are also in stock