My 8bits4ever SX-1!

By onikami

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17-07-2018, 22:25

Hi guys,

Today my SX-1 built by 8bits4ever has arrived home. I have taken a lot of pictures of the process of putting it into a ITX case, but by now I would like to show you a short video.

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By onikami

Rookie (23)

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17-07-2018, 22:26

Two generations of gamers in a video... Big smile

By ToriHino

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17-07-2018, 22:45

But... does it run Fortnite? Tongue

Really nice setup to see, looks great!

By mxmy

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19-07-2018, 08:40

Ah! I didn't even realise they were selling those and now they're sold out! Looks like a lovely piece of kit...

By lintweaker

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19-07-2018, 16:23

I sent them a message regarding Carnivore2 and also asked about the availability of SX-1. Their reply:

> The SX-1 is ready. We will have a very few units available for sale
> in August but we will do the official release after summer holidays.

By mxmy

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20-07-2018, 05:17

Ah, thanks lintweaker! I really hope I can get hold of one when they come out...

By gdx

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21-07-2018, 02:00

The case is not high and the slot is wide. Big cartridges are probably slots poorly maintained in these cartridge slots.

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