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By Edwin

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12-11-2005, 01:35

When turned on, you can modify the sound : turning clockwise increases the sound, anticlockwise reduces it.
The former owner told me this was neccessary for using his FM-PAC. Seems like sometimes the sound created by the FM-PAC is to high in volume compared to the sound from the MSX soundchip.

That's probably the case with all 8280's. I know that the volume sound sources in the cartridge was relatively loud compared to the PSG. Or rather, it was likely the PSG that was too weak. It never really bothered me with the FM-PAC though. It's not frequently used to create music together with the PSG, so mostly the sound effects were a bit softer than they should have been. It was quite annoying with SCC though, because it drowned out the PSG channels which *were* used in the music. I modded an SCC cart for that instead of my 8280 though.

By msxrestarter

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12-11-2005, 20:06

I've just tried my F1-spirit cartridge, and indeed you can also use the potmeter to adjust the SCC sound level.
Don't hear much difference though.

I also checked the F1-spirit on a 8250 but to me it sounds the same as the 8280.

Is there a game you know with SCC support where the 8280 does sounds horrible ?
Just want to try it.Smile

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