Need help with T9769 pinout

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By Manuel

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26-05-2006, 16:08

I think the "corresponding" means "compatible". Also, the fact that the Yamaha engine uses an YM2149 doesn't mean the Toshiba one should *not* use a YM2149!

By mars2000you

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26-05-2006, 16:15

Well, only Toshiba responsibles could give a definitive answer, but I guess there was such a competition between Toshiba and Yamaha to win some parts of the commercial market .... probably also some "agreements" between Yamaha, Philips and Sony on one side, between Toshiba, Panasonic and Sanyo on the other side. That's why I think the Toshiba MSX-ENGINE2 can't have a Yamaha PSG !

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