New lot turboR/FX/WX/WSX keyboard membranes

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By tvalenca

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26-12-2016, 17:48

msxtrd wrote:

Ummm, must have missed something, what is exactly TK85/TK90?

TK90X is a Brazilian clone of the ZX Spectrum (16k and 48k)
TK85 is a Brazilian clone of the ZX81 (this one also had 16k and 48k versions, and used the same case of TK90X)

The TK90X (alongside with its bigger version, the TK95, which is basically the same computer in another case with a better keyboard) was the major MSX competitor in Brazil. No 8-bit computer sold more in Brazil than these two, and even today is hard to know which one sold more among them. There are some rivalry between Brazilian MSX and Spectrum users even nowadays.

By janvv

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02-02-2017, 11:30

Hi everyone,

The 'E' and 'M' keys on my Turbo-R's keyboard aren't working anymore. Do you think this is a keyboard membrane issue? If so, is anyone still selling these?


By Morg

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13-07-2017, 08:03

Hello there,

I am an spanish msx user too, and I would like to buy a Panasonic A1-ST membrante too.

Thank you very much! Obrigado!

By meits

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13-07-2017, 10:55

Better send him an e-mail. He's not here that often.

By karloch

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14-07-2017, 10:21

Any Spain or Europe people organizing group order?

By luppie

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14-07-2017, 15:57

I'm on holiday right now. Will arrange a group buy when I come back this Wednesday.

By o.geerdink

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14-07-2017, 17:06

Ok luppie can I join for 5 x Panasonic?

By luppie

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14-07-2017, 17:13

Sure, but wait till I come back. I'll setup an order page to streamline all orders.

By Pac

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14-07-2017, 18:55

Thank you! Wink

By meits

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14-07-2017, 20:03

Got 12 orders for you here... Including your own Running Naked in a Field of Flowers

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