New lot turboR/FX/WX/WSX keyboard membranes

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By Pac

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14-07-2017, 21:32

BTW luppie, are you going to collect the orders for Netherlands only?

By luppie

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14-07-2017, 23:17

Because I got a lot of mails, messages and replies, I have put the order form online.

Please use this form to place your orders:

(This is only for European MSX users)


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07-06-2018, 10:40

Hello. I just picked up a HB-F1XV with a very badly damaged Keyboard Membrane (A lot of keys are not functional) and I am looking for a replacement.
I'm Just wondering if it's still possible to purchase these Keyboard membrane?

Thank you

By ro

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07-06-2018, 11:56

Hai Luppie,

How was that journey? Any success stories with your new matrixes?

By meits

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07-06-2018, 18:13

There need to be 100 pre-orders before Paulo can produce a new batch. That takes quite some work for awarenes of getting new potential customers. Might take you several years before you get enough. Paulo had about 50% when I wanted new membranes so I started gathering people. I didn't get more than some 20 pieces so I handed the action over to Luppie. I didn't feel like pre-ordering for people I don't know personally. And with good reason. When ordering 100 units and have the necessary unkown customers, you're bound to run into people who are low on patience and begin accusations.
After my initial contact with Paulo it took over a year to get the necessary other 50% to have 100 membranes, get them produced and then shipped to Europe. As you see you will need a lot of patience and will have to setup a group order yourself to reach 100 units again. I can imagine you'd like to have a functional keyboard a bit earlier than that, so you could try and repair the membrane or buy a PS/2 keyboard interface from Leonardo Padial. Does not work on Panasonic 2+ and turbo R, but does work on Sony 2+. I tested it and it works very well. You just need a good PS/2 keyboard.

I've tested the Panasonic membrane and it worked flawless (just be a bit careful plugging it in to the mainboard socket as it's not solidified with hard plastic like the original is).
I've tested the Sony XV/XDJ/XD as well. This one is really hard to plug into the mainboard socket. Again partly due to it not being solidified with a strip of hard plastic as well as the location of the socket. Your hand will be very much in the way. Some keys didn't respond but this doesn't say the membrane is wrong. I'm yet to test it on another Sony 2+ but have been lazy up to now ;)

I wish you good luck in either gathering enough customers to have Paulo produce a new batch or find another solution, be it secondhand or a keyboard interface to connect an external pc keyboard.


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10-06-2018, 03:40

Thank you for your reply, suggestions and clarification to Paulo's order requirements. It's very much appreciated.

I am very reluctant to purchase the PS/2 Keyboard adapter do to it using an external keyboard and defeats (personal preference here) the uniqueness of the MSX being self contained and using the original hardware.

I guess it's back to plan B; which is trace repairing the keyboard membrane.
Unless some good person on here is willing to part with an extra XV membrane they might have Smile

This site is a wonderful resource for the MSX and great for a MSX-Newb like me.

Thank you again for the reply

By Pac

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10-06-2018, 20:24

Maybe the membrane is not damaged completely, some dust... Try to clean first and see what happen. In case you have to repair, this is an easy and good solution:

Be careful and don't apply too much quantity on pad areas if needed.


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23-06-2018, 06:42

I just bought that stuff to attempt the repair.
Where the membrane connects to the PCB is the worst, with some broken parts throughout the entire membrane.
I will let everyone know how this repair turns out once everything has been tested.

Thank you everyone for helping me with this dilemma.

By Pencioner

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23-06-2018, 11:13

I used this one recently to fix 4 non-working keys of the Edirol PCR-30 MIDI leyboard and it worked like a charm. So i'm looking for results of your attempt - it is good to know if you can fix membrane with such a thing or not. Thanks :)


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25-06-2018, 17:06

I ordered/am using the 3 items below in my attempt to repair the traces on on the keyboard membrane.
As far as I can tell the pads/contact points as to when the keys press against the pads on the membrane are fine, it's just the traces that are damaged.
It looks as if someone took this unit part in an attempt to repair it once before since there are already trace repairs, however it seems they weren't very careful when it came to connecting the ribbon cable to the PCB as a lot of the damage is at this location and there is a clear visual of the ribbon cable being folded (a crease).

I will post back with results of repair once complete.

Double Sided Conductive Tape:

Conductive Nickel Pen:

Conductive Electric Paint Pen:

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