New to MSX world (Casio MX-15)

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14-04-2009, 19:45

IIRC if it does a single short bip, it is booting.
(The bip should be after the rom/ram search)

No bip => no audio or no rom/ram search

By Patsie

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14-04-2009, 20:11

simple soundcheck would be to wait until the computer is booted (if it ever does; just wait 30 seconds after powering it on) and type play "cdefgab". That should play a tone ladder from the basic prompt. Shouldn't be too hard eventho you don't have a visual.

By mohai

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14-04-2009, 23:16

Of course, you are using an input a/V scart adaptor.
Try to turn it on without a cartridge. You should hear a "BEEP" noise.
Also, wait a couple of seconds and HOLD CTRL and "G" key. If BIOS and BASIC ROMs are working, you should hear a constant BEEP sound.

If you see something BLUE, then probably ROMs are working fine.

Is image stable? If not, then you should check cabling. Bad GND or bad contacts inside MSX.

RGB will not help you, as only CVBS (composite video) is available in this model.

By Desperado

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16-04-2009, 09:48

It doesn't seem to play any sound while booting up, the soundtest suggestions mentioned above didn't work either. Just a black noisy screen and a constant buzzing sound.

There was a BNC adaptor attached to one of the chinch cables.

by the way: Can anyone tell me what the big round port left to the RF and a/v ports is for?

By Manuel

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16-04-2009, 10:10

Isn't there an icon or text near it? SOunds like it could be the tape connector.

By MäSäXi

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16-04-2009, 17:36

Hello Desperado! Smile

Just an idea, try to get another RF-cable and try it, maybe your old RF-cable is broken from inside and that´s why gives bad signal.

Big round port is surely cassette port. Smile

But unfortunately many commercial games need at least 32Kb MSX.

By the way, does pitpan´s Waver work at all with 16Kb MSXQuestion As there are 8Kb and 16Kb cartridge games and "wavered" 8Kb games should work with your 16Kb MSX. Smile Waver modifies .ROM file (it´s ROM-image of original cartridge game) to .WAV file which can be loaded to MSX from CD-player (or from modern day PC´s cd/dvd player) just like tape games. Smile But I am afraiding that waver needs more memory than 16Kb and so it doesn´t work. Crying

But remember, that there are many MSX-BASIC language games available in the internet, freely for downloading. But of course you have to modify them to load them to your MSX. Smile

But never mind, cartridge games will surely work in your MSX! Smile But I am not sure if Nemesis 3 works...

Checked from Nemesis 3 manual: IT WORKS!! LOL! with any MSX with 16Kb or more! So you can play big 256Kb Nemesis 3 cartridge too on your MSX, if you only can get it working!

Good Luck!! Smile

By Desperado

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17-04-2009, 16:15

So I don't get any beep or whatsoever sound. Could that mean any of the chips/ram are broken? How would I test for this?

By sd_snatcher

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18-04-2009, 04:14

So I don't get any beep or whatsoever sound. Could that mean any of the chips/ram are broken?

Yes, it seems to be broke. It's hard to diagnose it in this state without any tools. It may be anything from the power supply to the DRAMs, the VDP or even the Z80A.

How would I test for this?

The MSX BIOS is quite ungrateful for diagnosing problems. I.E, if it cannot find the RAM, it just sits on a black screen without any kind of warning.

By Desperado

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18-04-2009, 22:44

I've opened up the case and located the z80 (it's an NEC version) and the RAM (also NEC).

Is it possible to test the relevant circuits with simple electronic equipment?

If pictures of the mainboard would be helpful for you, I will happily make some.

By Manuel

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18-04-2009, 23:16

Desperado: those pictures would be nice to be able to know what kind of hardware is in it. For documentation sake! Smile

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