and second real floppy drive (on NMS-82XX)

By Wild_Penguin

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18-03-2019, 19:50


I'm testing real floppy drives to determine whether they still work or not. There are two disk drives.

I can format (from basic without any Nextor cartridge inserted) but want to try writing and reading disk images.

Booted off MegaFlashRomSCC+SD (Nextor DOS). I can mapdrv all 4 partitions of the single SD card, and drive B: is mapped as the other real disk drive. How / what should I actually give as parameters for Or is it even possible?

The real floppy controller is in slot 3-3, and the next free letter is F: - I've tried:

mapdrv F: 0 0 3-3
mapdrv F: 0 0-1 3-3
mapdrv F: 0 1 3-3
mapdrv F: 0 0-0 3-3
mapdrv F: 0 1-0 3-3
mapdrv F: 0 1-1 3-3
mapdrv F: 0 0 0

None seem to be able to map it correctly Eek!

I'm probably just stupid right now and can not understand the documentation LOL!

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By lintweaker

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18-03-2019, 20:10

I think drive mapping is not needed for real floppy drives ? They should just have individual drive letters assigned after bootup.

By Wild_Penguin

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18-03-2019, 20:50

Lintweaker: they are not. Nextor boots from the first (or the one set "active"? I'm not actually sure) partition on the sd card, which will be mapped to a:. First drive (assigned A: without mfrscc+sd inserted) will be assigned to drive b:. I've never been able to change that (IIRC I can re-assign B: to a sd partition only); that is, I but can not map this drive (now at B:, but usually at ASmile to any other letter, nor use the second floppy drive at all (while using the Nextor/SD card module).

I don't mind to which letters the drives are assigned to, just to be able to use both floppy drives at once.

By konamiman

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19-03-2019, 11:43

Hello! Nextor allows free mapping of devices and partitions only for devices controlled by a Nextor driver. For drives attached to a MSX-DOS kernel (such as internal floppy disk drives), you are stuck to the drive that was assigned at boot time.

What you can do is to "shadow" one such drive with anything else, so if your floppy disk drive starts at B:, you can go and map B: to a partition on a Nextor device, or mount a file in that drive. But you can't see the floppy disk drive in any drive letter other than B:

By Wild_Penguin

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19-03-2019, 11:54

Konamiman: Thank you, I suspected this.

I think one question that has not jet been definitively answered, is: can two floppy drives be used at the same time (with Nextor@MegaFlashRomSCC+SD)?

Floppy drives usually start at A:, but now A: is moved over to B: and original B: is "lost" altogether.

By Guillian

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19-03-2019, 14:38

Bear in mind that Nextor 2.1.0 Alpha 2 disables the 2nd drive by default. You must hold CTRL key while booting to enable it.

By SjaaQ

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17-01-2020, 12:50

Old post but; I have MB14 installed op A:\PRG\MB14 and the songs on E:\DATA\MB

To start MB i use this batch file:

Next to that I modified MB3.BAS (note the CHDRV in line 110:

This suits my needs Smile