NMS8280 recapping

By gianlucarenzi

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10-10-2020, 16:29

Hello, guys!
I am trying to revive back to life, my old NMS8280 MSX2 machine. It had some issue 30 years ago with the insertion of the front floppies, and at that time I stopped using it, due to the new Amiga 500 and Amiga 1200 machines. Sorry! ;-)
After almost 30 years of excellent storage I wish to power it on again. Firstly I dismounted it all, so I can recap it as soon as possbile, before turn it on again. I traced down ALL ELECTROLITICS capacitors (Video Board, Main Board and Power Supply) and they are a LOT!! Now I have a big list, but I do not know if it is good to replace them all. Are there any chance if there is a ready-made kit for it?

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By Meits

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10-10-2020, 16:55

Hi and welcome.
Good to see you picked your 8280 up again.
I'm not aware of an existing capacitor kit. but if you invest perhaps a bit more than one hour you can probably create a list yourself.
Your computer is not on the suspect list. I personally would just switch it on.

Small tip: in the PSU set the jumper from 220V to 240V. The 4 diodes will love you for it.

By jltursan

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10-10-2020, 18:06


Your computer is not on the suspect list. I personally would just switch it on.

Agreed, the NMS8280 (unlike the A1200) doesn't usually suffer of leaking or dying caps. Turn on the machine and only if you feel yourself brave enough, recap the machine.

Btw, welcome to the forum!

By Grauw

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10-10-2020, 19:30

I second the comments above. If the machine has no issues and no known problem with caps, recapping can do more harm than it does good (broken traces, placement errors, etc).

The thing you do want to watch out for with the Philips desktop models is that the front panel plastic is very brittle and can break easily when put under pressure, especially in shipping.

I generally have no hesitation turning on old MSX hardware. Of course stuff can break, I did have an issue with one logic IC that I needed to find and repair, but otherwise all my four MSX computers are in perfect health. And just blindly replacing all caps does not seem like something that would make them better in any way, but does create risk of messing up.

Also generally speaking I see more issues with dead RAM chips than capacitors pop up on the forums here. Yet there’s no general concept of “re-ramming”, and I think there’s no need for such a blunt axe approach. I think the concept of replacing all caps comes from and (only makes sense for) retro hardware communities where there have been known capacitor issues.


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10-10-2020, 20:48

Don't forget to check the internal battery for a possible leaking. On the other hand, depending on the future application you have in mind, you might consider fixing the sound problems common in NMS8250/55/80 models. Here you have the service manual.

By Meits

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10-10-2020, 21:03

The battery has probably gone below 1V, so it's useless now. The used battery is not known to leak because it's sealed.
Nevertheless cutting it out is the best way Smile

These come from 8250/5s which have been switched off for probably some twenty years and show no sign of leakage.

By Alexey

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12-10-2020, 18:01

Did anyone try to install the goldcap instead of a battery?

By Meits

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12-10-2020, 19:27

cr2032 with a diode to avoid recharging has been done.