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By luppie

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25-05-2013, 12:21

I still had a Philips Printer Port cartridge, wich I had no use for.
So i tought of a little project that we did on the School of Electronics on a P2000 (it was the year 1989), we had to build and program a traffic light with the parallel port.

Because I like to use my OCM (that has no parallel port) I figured out I can use this cartridge on my OCM.
To make everything as compact as possible, I removed the Centronics connector and pulled out some leads to a breadboard that I've mounted on the cartridge. This way I dont have to use loggie cables and such.

Right now I only use some LED's on it to test things out. Next thing is to put in a ULN2803 so I can use it for more than switching LED's


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By KdL

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25-05-2013, 14:39

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