One Chip MSX help needed

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By coldbreeze

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19-05-2018, 16:03

I have bumped into the same problem after upgrading to kdl 3.6. I can allocate more drives in ESET.COM (see msxtools\eseutils) utility that comes with kdl. However, the newly allocated drive can only be assigned after a soft reset (i.e. I can successfuly run em mydisk.dsk b: ), but the change it not persistent. After powering OMC off and on, the drive letter can no longer be assigned unless I run ESET.COM again.

Any thoughts?

By frubem

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12-12-2018, 14:47

Hello. My name is Rubem Ferreira and I am getting the "illegal device assignment" message here when I try to use the comand EP xxx.dsk b: In the past this usually worked. I run through the discussion list and I read that I need to use the ESET utility to create more one drive letter before using the command EP. I tried without success. Could someone help me ?

best regards

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