One Chip MSX Ver.MM

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By Pentarou

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14-01-2013, 19:22

It seems that OCM clones have finally arrived:
One Chip MSX Ver.MM
Does someone have any info about it?

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By OeiOeiVogeltje

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14-01-2013, 22:03

looks good!!!

By SkyeWelse

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14-01-2013, 22:53

Wow, looks great and comparable to the D4 One Chip. I wonder if the developer is planning on mass producing these or offering them for pre-order. I'd be very interested in getting one as I'm sure many here would as well.


By vanfanel

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14-01-2013, 23:16

I would get it, too. But... cyclone 1? That's ANCIENT techonology and certainly limiting, few LE's for better cores (Turbo R, etc). He should be using a Cyclone III at least.

By DRomero

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15-01-2013, 00:59

Nice project, i will follow it Smile

Would be really nice if someone make one with a socket to put a real Z80 on it. I think 98% of compatibility problems should be solved that way, i will buy some Smile. And addon board/cartridge for the Altera DE1/Official OCM with a real Z80 should be cool too. Like Minimig does, they put a real M68000 on it.

Something like this -->

Aaah, dreaming :)

By vanfanel

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15-01-2013, 01:08

@DRomero: I think you're wrong. The T80 softcore can pass the ZEXALL tests. Every tiny opcode undocumented effect is implemented and tested. Look here, the first post is from Tobiflex himself!!:

So adding a physical Z80 wouldn't help at all since we're already there, I believe :)
Compatibility problems in 1ChipMSX are VERY scarce! I had to use my DE1-MSX for months to find one, and it's related to the cartidge ROM dump compatibility with loader programs, not CPU missbehaving.

By KdL

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15-01-2013, 03:01

Bad idea this clone of OCM: the Cyclone is too small always!! No more LEs... No party!! Eek!

By Fabf

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15-01-2013, 09:49

Seem to be the same as one chip Clyclone EP1C12

By x-nen Aivalahostia

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15-01-2013, 10:55

Nice news!!but it seems Clyclone EP1C12 limits future pgrades..anyware it's a great job and another posibility for msx users.

By MicroTech

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15-01-2013, 11:50

Can EP1C12 (and consequently EPCS4) be replaced with a EP1C20 (EPCS16) with (very) little effort?

By Capitan_Goto

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15-01-2013, 12:46

Ey Folks, this are very good news!. Despite the fact of de Cyclone chip choosen, the point here is that someone has made a new OCM-like board,so if the EP1C12 has been mounted in this case, why can´t be mounted a more powerful Cyclone?. I think that the hard work has been made with the design of the board. It´s really awesome the amount of new hardware devices,both computers and perifericals that MSX is receiving in the last 2 years !... This new "mini OCM" need to be tracked!!

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