One Chip MSX Ver.MM

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By Pentarou

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13-04-2013, 17:19

Another version, it gets even smaller:
Micro OCM in the cartridge (AKA "M-PACK")

Btw, Painkilla, if you are reading this stop teasing us and consider selling this stuff worldwide.

By Pac

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13-04-2013, 20:10

And what about this?

By krappyfatty

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13-04-2013, 23:55

A friend of mine told me about Another group of KOREAN MSX user made this thing. called "Zemmix Neo"

Unfortunately, it is sold out. :evil: and only 100 machines were available though. it is a pity.... :x

By syn

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14-04-2013, 10:50

wow nice stuff!

By vanfanel

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14-04-2013, 15:28

@krappyfatty: It seems it can be ordered, I see no mention to only 100 units available using google translator! do you know if they ship worldwide?
Aw... we need 1ChipMSX clones badly! Altera DE1 is good but sound is pretty bad and getting worse with each version.

By krappyfatty

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15-04-2013, 10:13

I assume ""on the shopping mall means "SOLD OUT"

By MicroTech

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15-04-2013, 10:18

M-PACK is REALLY cool new stuff: the definitive MSX cartridge.
IMHO this is something new and not only a smaller remake of OCM: this has its own cartridge "slave" connector, so it can work as an extension for any MSX computer.

From the picture I guess it features its own ram so no more ram bandwidth bottleneck between FPGA and (its own) RAM.
It could also be used "simply" as storage device using the microSD connector.
12K L.E to run wild your VHDL creativity Shocked!

Just imagine the incredible possibilities of a device that can be downloaded/reconfigured runtime with new hardware... absolutely visionary, I've dreamed it for years.

Painkilla, please, consider selling this hardware to the world, I think you are not violating any copyright as far as you don't distribute rom images.
If you are interested I also have some new VHDL extension with related software to take advantage of M-PACK...

By ZMixNeo

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18-04-2013, 03:11

it has sold out just in 2 min after selling post was open..

By SkyeWelse

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18-04-2013, 17:10

Wow that Zemmix Neo is pretty cool. Was that released this year and is there any chance we could find out what MSX Standard's it is compatible with? I wanted to showcase this in our MSX exhibit this weekend if possible.


By SkyeWelse

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18-04-2013, 20:26

I think I see on the documentation that it uses an SD card to be able to read files that are compatible with MSX2+.

Works for me! Wish I could have bought one of these, pretty slick and reminds me of the chosen weapon of the Slayer that Buffy gets in the final season. Tongue Just sayin'.


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