PAL differences, RF and Sound

By reidrac

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29-12-2018, 17:56


I have a nice Sony HB-20P (specially put together for the Spanish market according to:

This model is RF only. I have a Sony Trinitron CRT (made in the UK) that works fine with other machines, but with this one there's no sound. It can even auto-tune the channel just fine, and the video quality is superb (this same TV doesn't look that good wit my C64c and Master System using RF).

I know PAL had slight differences in some regions, and Spain used PAL B/G whilst UK PAL I. Has anyone see anything like this?

I have a more modern LCD TV that support different PAL version (and NTSC), but it is a shame I can't enjoy this machine with a proper CRT (this Trinitron is spacially nice).


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By reidrac

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05-03-2019, 18:08

For the record, in case someone else has this problem!

My Sony Trinitron TV is UK only, so it implements PAL I standard. The Sony HP-20P's RF signal is for the Spanish market and it uses PAL B/G. The difference is mostly on how the sound is encoded, so that explains my problem.

I have a modern-ish LCD TV that supports different standards and I can set PAL B/G, and the sound is fine.

By Grauw

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05-03-2019, 18:31

Maybe you can mod it to provide A/V outputs?

By reidrac

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05-03-2019, 18:32

That's an idea. RF isn't amazing, but is not too bad. For now I don't plan to mod the machine.

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