[POLL] MSX Turbo-R garbage on Megareport

By luppie

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20-10-2016, 00:20

Yesterday Meits and I have found some weird behavior on our FSA1ST Turbo-R machine running Megareport 1.2
When scrolling down to the clockchip contents, we both get garbage on our screen.

When running Megareport 1.2 on OpenMSX 0.13 emulating a default FSA1ST, everything looks Ok.

Both our FSA1ST Turbo-R machines have a memory upgrade of 512Kb and have the power supply replaced with a 230V version. So our machines are not 'original' like the OpenMSX configuration.

We're now wondering what's the root cause of this problem.

If you own a Turbo-R machines and want to help us getting some test data, please download quasar-27 (Disk A) from this link :


Write Disk A to a 3,5" Disk and boot your Turbo-R without the disk inserted and/or any extentions/cardridges inserted.
When the machine is booted in Basic, insert the disk in the diskdrive.

In Basic, type :

bload "megarep.bin",r

When the megareport screen is loaded, scroll down to the clockchip contents and post your findings.

Please post your machine type:

  • FSA1ST
  • FSA1GT

Please post how you power your MSX:

  • Original no Converter
  • Original with Stepdown Converter
  • Replaced 230V Power Supply

Please post your memory configuration:

  • Original 256kb
  • Upgraded 512kb
  • Upgraded 1024Kb
  • Other

And last but not least, post if you see garbage our if you see a nice clock chip content screen.

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By AxelF

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20-10-2016, 14:02

What you could try is make a dump of your clockchip settings, and insert this back in to OpenMSX,
to see if this strange behaviour allso occurs in OpenMSX.

By Jipe

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20-10-2016, 14:17

Replaced 230V Power Supply
Upgraded 512kb
megareport is OK , same of BlueMSX without bugs

try remove your 2 x 1.5V battery or replace by new
have the same frequency of your DRAM 4x256 ?

By -Neo-

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20-10-2016, 15:17

I didn't have time to do it exactly as you described but I did the test anyway by running the disk from the MFR and selecting the software menu:

MSX TR GT with around 8 carts inserted including a MFR SD SCC+. 230V Power Supply, standard 512KB.

Looks great here. No garbage.

By knm1983

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20-10-2016, 15:18

Replaced 230V Power Supply
Upgraded RAM to 512kb internally
megareport all ok.

Best Regards.

By hamlet

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20-10-2016, 15:26

Original design, w/ external stepdown converter: everything fine.

By gdx

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20-10-2016, 16:13

Upgraded RAM to 1024kb internally
Megareport all ok.

Only the showed day is not right (because the calendar is exceeded).

By Meits

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20-10-2016, 19:39


I put some more effort in inserting my AA batteries and suddenly I get no garbage anymore.

Now how can this be? Do the batteries charge a huge capacitor?
What happened to your ST's results since you put in clean batteries Luppie?
All my MSX'es but one are correct. The borked one has a confirmed borked rtc which needs replacement oO

By luppie

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20-10-2016, 23:09

It indeed seems a battery issue.

When we where testing it yesterday, we've put in fresh batteries in both machines and got the garbage.
Now 1 day later, the garbage is gone.