PS/2 Keyboard to MSX with Arduino

By eduardo.gouget

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24-06-2014, 23:48

Hy guys. This is my first post in this forum.

I'm writing to announce that I made a project to interface a PS/2 keyboard to MSx with an Arduino.

Here is a direct link to my blog with all explanation.

Sorry for my poor English but I think my project will help a lot of people.

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By eduardo.gouget

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25-06-2014, 15:10

If someone tested the circuit let me know for some issue.

There are a lot of work yet.

- Test with games.
- Modify the routines to work with all MSX engines.
- And others...


By Fabf

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25-06-2014, 16:56

Hi Eduardo
I wish you to succed with your PS/2 arduino.
I want also to thank you for your "Mapper simplificada" I've used with 128KB, 256KB and 512KB. Big smile

By user888

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26-12-2014, 12:54


Do you have it fully working?


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28-12-2014, 11:05

Very interesting... I'm actually quite surprised that you managed to make it fast enough!
How ever I think you are on "wrong side of 8255"... This can't be made a general solution that works with all MSX because ie. SVI-738 PPI chip decodes all keyboard lines / rows already inside the chip.

Best solution would be if this could be made as an MSX cartridge... I just found a very interesting article that could be adapted to make this reality when combined with your work... I suggest that you take a look...

Edit: Damn... I didn't realize that on "this side of the 8255" the data pins are not in HI-Z mode...