PS3/Xbox wireless for MSX (Turbo GT)

By Bioman

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12-04-2016, 01:55

Korean MSX community really alive. Recently a user made a PS3/Xbox Bluetooth adapter using Arduino interface to connect with controller port of Panasonic Turbo. Video but I do not know how I can share here? I just want showing a photo of very interesting concept. Big smile Edit: Is ST. Not GT. Sorry.

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By Grauw

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12-04-2016, 08:36

That's pretty sweet! I'm assuming it outputs additional buttons like joymega does? Would be nice if he would sell it at some point.

For the video, can you post the link?

By syn

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12-04-2016, 10:27

Very cool! I was actually thinking myself if this was possible, now I know it can (because ppl made mouse adapters with adruino a while back).

Indeed, joymega would be perfect!

Also cool if dualshock 4 (ps4) pad was supported, since the ds3 seems to be end of life.

By gdx

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12-04-2016, 11:07

And also cool if Wii controller was supported.

By tvalenca

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12-04-2016, 16:35

For Wii controller, Danjovic made a nunchuck adapter some years ago. He even patched some konami games to read the nunchuck directly.

By Bioman

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12-04-2016, 17:45

Hello. Yes. It seemlingy that it was possible using the Wii controller. He managed (from what I see) to connecting Xbox/PS3 and PC controller with Arduino and USB-Bluetooth + DB9 cable. It should working at least in theory additional button support. If some point he want to make batch for this and if there is interesting, I will ask him if being able selling worldwide. Right now seemingly he is just testing around what possible and not ehehe.

I put link video to his blog. Can you see it? (I Hope you can see it oO )




By syn

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12-04-2016, 19:06

very cool stuff indeed