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By karloch

Prophet (2159)

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09-05-2008, 16:36

Excellent news!! I'm so glad to hear that you are back Smile

By Manuel

Ascended (19308)

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09-05-2008, 23:20

Great! Welcome back! Smile

By zazel

Supporter (13)

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10-05-2008, 13:23

Hi everybody!

It's nice to see that we are welcomed. We have some projects for the future that will be published soon.
Meanwhile, if you have any suggestion, we will be pleased to hear about it.

MsxKun. What kind of movies do you watch? Tongue

Eva aka Zazel (CalamarGroup)

By mohai

Paladin (1004)

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12-05-2008, 12:47

Welcome back Calamares!

It would be nice to see a DDR with a real dance mat on MSX CoolCoolCoolCool.
Please make some more PSX pad adaptors. I will buy one (at least).

It could be nice to add mouse emulation with the analog buttons, also...

By SaebaMSX

Hero (533)

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12-05-2008, 15:34

Hi German and Eva! Long time no see! Smile

It could be good to start some kind of "petitions" before MSX Barcelona meeting. It could help to some people who need "Calamar" HW. If I don't fix my turboR RGB cable I think I will need a new one! But I will tell you about it. Tongue

By zazel

Supporter (13)

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12-05-2008, 17:02

Hello mohai!

The PSX dance mat was emulated but no one made a game Sad We told to Saver but... The dance mat is just as a PSX pad so everyone that has a PSX2MSX can use it with their games. In the MadriSX, Saphire was playing Nemesis using a PSX2MSX and a dance mat.

Mouse emulation is in progress but I can not find good docs about how MSX mouse works.

See you soon!

Germán aka Skularix (CalamarGroup)

By zazel

Supporter (13)

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12-05-2008, 17:13

Hello Saeba,

We are working hard in MSX hardware and the new MSX Calamar web. If anyone have petitions, please, tell us. PSX2MSX are in progress but the joystick connector is discontinued and we only have 3 or 4 units. We'll try to get more.

RGB cables, adapted PC floppys for MSX and other stuff are in production.

Germán aka Skularix (CalamarGroup)

By zazel

Supporter (13)

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03-06-2008, 20:51

Hi all!

Now you can visit MSX Calamar web page at http://www.msxcalamar.com

It is still under construction and there are some products missing like second hand games, magazines, etc.

BTW, you can register and receive our news!

See you soon.

Eva aka Zazel
MSX Calamar

By rolins

Champion (418)

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03-06-2008, 21:06

Zazel, awesome job getting the site up and running. Smile

Really interested in purchasing a RGB cable from you guys. If I select "Sony F700/TurboR" that means it will work on a japanese Sony MSX2+ right?

By zazel

Supporter (13)

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03-06-2008, 21:16

Hello rolins,

Yes, the RGB cable with the pin out for japanese MSX computers is the "Sony F700/TurboR" model.
If you don't find your country, please tell us.

MSX Calamar

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