Putting disk on diskdrive blocks keyboard

By Skyblasc

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24-07-2009, 12:11

Hello everybody,

Some time ago i buyed a NMS8245 from Bas. 2 days after it arrived, the diskdrive stoped working. Bas send me a new one, I tested it and it seemed ok ( I still have to send the faulty drive back to Bas as he requested, my fault).

The point is that now, the friend I bought the msx2 for is comming to pick it up. I was trying some games to show him and then realised something that I didn't discover in the firsts tests.

If I put a disk and boot, everything seems normal.

If I boot to Basic and put a disk ( in order to do a files in BASIC), the computer hangs, the keyboard stop working.

More, if I boot with a disk one, everything seems fine, keyboard is reactive ( I can write, I can play games...) but if I remove the disk ( in order to insert disk 2 in a game, for example) then the msx2 resets itself.

I have checked and it seems that the point where something happens is the very same moment the disk arrives at the end of the drive, just before the final "push".

What do you reckon could be happen? To me it looks like something not well grounded. Diskdrive seems original MSX not PC adapted. Cable well fitted and I don't see anything wrong.

Any help, please??

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By Leo

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24-07-2009, 15:22

it seems to be a power problem indeed since there is no functional link between a reset of the computer , disk access , and so on ....
Are you sure the system hangs , when putting a disk ahile in basic because sometimes delays are so long , have you waited lets say 2 mins ?
It seems that the disk change switch (that is inside ) may be faulty and trigger short circuit : can you try to activate it by pushing it , it is on border
close to the disk door
Have you attached a ground wire from mother board to disk drive case , sometime you have a pair of these wires , i have them on my vg8235,
for disk and keyboard and any other module.

By mohai

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24-07-2009, 16:59

It looks like a power failure for sure.
When the motor in the drive tries to start to spin, power failure happens.

By jltursan

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24-07-2009, 17:37

If the Philips has a PC replaced drive, you can always try a quick swap with a new one and test again. If it fails it must be a power failure as it has been already suggested. IIRC the NMS8245 has a metal plate to mount the drive that usually always serve as ground, there's no need to wire the drive; anyway, is a good idea to check also that it's doing a good contact.

By Skyblasc

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28-07-2009, 11:00

Thanks all for the comments. I'll try again remounting the drive in its place. I have also a second NMS8245, so I'll try again in this second computer. I myself have the feeling of something related to bad mass conection.

@mohai: The motor drive is ok, becouse with the disk already in the drive when booting, everything works fine. The disk spins and the software loads normally.

@jltursan: I believe is original. But I think I have some PC drives around so maybe I try with a PC one.