Reasonable Price For A Sony MSX2 HB-F1XD?

By Rydeen

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06-06-2017, 05:00

Hello, I'm new to the forum!

So I currently own a Panasonic MSX2 FS-A1 Mk.II, but I was thinking of investing in a Sony HB-F1XD. I noticed there's one on eBay complete for 389.99 USD. Is this a reasonable price? Or could I find one for cheaper if I'm patient? I don't need it to be complete inbox, I'm fine with it loose in working order / working disk drive and with the power adapter. Thanks for your advice in advance!

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By htdreams

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06-06-2017, 08:20


The cheapest way i known of is to buy directly from japan, but most of the time, the cheap ones have non working disk drives...

Although there is a yahoo auction user, by the name "hanihanis 51" that sells MSX revised, with all caps changed, and working FDDs, i have an F1XD and a F1XDmkII from him, bought through (you can se an F1XV here: His auctions use to end between 250 and 350 euros, but i tell you: this is as near as to buy a new msx, as he makes an impressive work with these machines :-)

My best advice, is to be really focused on what you want, and what is your maximum buying price, and then be patient, and check offers regularily :-)

By Meits

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06-06-2017, 09:56

Nearly 400 for an MSX2?
Go on Yahoo auctions indeed... For that money turbo R's are being sold there as well...

Ebay is off limits for people who want to pay what it's worth Sad

By Rydeen

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11-06-2017, 03:26

I had a friend who walked me through registering on Buyee, so I'll be using that for MSX purchases from now on, definitely cheaper overall than eBay. Thanks for the advice guys!