Replacing the FDD Belt on the Panasonic A1ST

By fcoury

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02-01-2019, 00:45

I recently when through the ordeal of changing the belt and decided to make a video tutorial on how to do it and things not to be done (like unscrewing the drive alignment part).

Here's the link:


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By gdx

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02-01-2019, 09:04

Thanks to share.

Just one thing: It is not necessary to remove the PCB to change the belt. Only the lap count must be removed (the white plastic part that holds with a screw).

I also advise to clean the pulleys with a cotton swab and a little alcohol or acetone when the old belt is stuck (let it dry before put the belt).


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02-01-2019, 11:05

Indeed... @3:30 you were just 1 screw away of changing the belt but instead you started opening the top cover and doing all this weird stuff. Smile

By fcoury

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02-01-2019, 13:53

Thank you guys for the feedback! Totally agreed in both counts. It was a new thing to me and I admitedly did a lot of things wrong. Just glad it worked in the end.