ROM dumps from MSX-Serial interfaces

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By sd_snatcher

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28-09-2007, 02:28

I'll try to explain my intentions. Please understand I'm not looking for warez.

I like to improve MSX hardware, as can be seen by my MSX-Audio upgrade for Music Module and the freshly released 256KB SampleRAM + MSX-Audio BIOS for the Toshiba HX-MU900.

I do have a Gradiente CT80net (RS-232C interface), which is basically identical to the Philips RS-232C interfaces based on the Z8530-SCC IC, combined with a 80 columns (V9938-based) expansion.

I'm working to upgrade the CT80net to, hopefully, achieve 115.2Kbps. The Z8530 SCC will be replaced by its successor, the Z85230-ESCC. This one has FIFOs that will allow higher speeds to be sustained.

I though, as both Philips' and Gradiente's RS-232s share the same design, that I could replicate the same improvements to the Philips' interfaces. But I believe nobody will want to install a Gradiente BIOS (with a lot of code to control the V9938 included) on their NMS-12xx. So, i though on using the more cleaner RS-232C-only BIOS of the Philips as a starting point.

I believe this cannot be technically considered a copyright infringement, since I own a interface with this BIOS and the Philips has just another copy of the same software. This fits well on the fare use category. Just as I can use any emulator because I own many MSXzes from MSX1 to Turbo-R.

If I'm unable to obtain the BIOS for the Philips RS-232C cartridges, I'll only be able to publish the howto for the upgrade on the Gradiente's interfaces.

I hope I could clarify any misunderstandings.

By sd_snatcher

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28-09-2007, 02:31

typo: Where "fare use" is read, one should read "fair use".

By Sd-Snatcher

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28-09-2007, 07:40

Using Fossil driver you dont need to worry about bios.

By Kwik

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28-09-2007, 10:43

By Manuel

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28-09-2007, 11:51

msxrestarter: I propose you contact FRS (sd_snatcher) in private Smile

By Sonic_aka_T

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28-09-2007, 22:04

Didn't realise I was doing something wrong, just wanted to help someone out who's interested in keeping msx alive by developing or doing research Tongue
However, I don't wanna get into a lot of trouble so I think I reconsider my offer to dump the NMS1212 Sad
I do have another solution : if you make me a good offer you can buy my NMS1212 cartridge so you can investigate it as much as you need Wink
@msxrestarter (and anyone else). It's not so much that you're doing anything 'wrong', which is why I didn't say anything to either of you. The problem is that technically exchanging copyrighted ROMs *is* illegal. While trying to better emulate an RS232 device is not something MRC would loose any sleep over, it is technically illegal to solicit the copyrighted ROMs and MRC is liable for anyone asking for these ROMs on our site. This is why officially we are required by law to moderate any messages which 'ask for warez' on our site. So, don't worry, nobody is mad at you, but do remember that legally you're not allowed to ask for copyrighted material on MRC and legally MRC is not allowed to serve as a platform for what would officially be termed 'software piracy'. Don't hate us, talk to your local congressman instead to get those darn laws changed! Tongue

By msxrestarter

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28-09-2007, 22:18

Ok, message understood, won't happen again Wink

By arnold_m

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01-10-2007, 22:31

I prefer the term 'software copyright infringement' over 'software piracy'. According to wikipedia both terms are official, but copyright infringement is quite different from piracy at sea.

By sd_snatcher

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20-08-2015, 23:16

8 years have passed, and I still couldn't get the ROMs of such RS-232 interfaces. Since things now seem to be more flexible, could some good soul please send me the dumps of the mentioned RS-232 interfaces for a research (ROMs and DSKs)?

By sd_snatcher

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20-08-2015, 23:53

A high-res picture (or scan) of both sides of the board of the RS-232 interface would also be very welcome. Smile

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