Sanyo MPC-25F/FD (wavy25) and JIS

By rderooy

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13-04-2019, 22:26

According to the wiki page, neither the 25F or 25FD have a JIS1 ROM.
And indeed, when I emulate the 25FD in openmsx, "put kanji" does not show kanji characters, and there is no mention of a kanji rom in the XML file.

But when I look at the ad from Sanyo in MSX Magazine 1986-01 on page 26/27 the text seems to say that both models support JIS1.
Can someone who understands Japanese better have a look?

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By mars2000you

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14-04-2019, 12:45

The part with JIS is about the software on disk.

►ディスク 版ワープロ ソフト ■地理グ今 フィックスソフトが 付いてます:
WAVY25FD - WAVY25F には、 JIS 第1水準の寧字を含む約 30WJ
卞と,熟■ポ約 WOO 語をサポートする、強力な内容のディスク版 U 本以ヮー
ブロソフト「澳字ヮードプロセッサー」を楞準で忖诚し "U 'ます c 文卞と熟
語がフロッピーに納められているので.邋字 ROM は ft フ1ンタをフ。
ラスするだけで、すぐに実用的に使えます,さらにデ f スク版•地理グ
ラフィックスソフト 「H 本縦断 j も松準で付 MSX.2 の從解悚グラフィッ
クスで U 冬地1マ1が&示でき、地名検索やパズ ルで、 架しく地坪が?べま尤

(Google translation)
►Disk version software ■ Geographical map Now you can find the software:
WAVY25FD - WAVY25F contains about 30 WJ of JIS level 1.
It is a disk version of powerful contents that supports 卞 and mature ■ PO WOO words.
It is recommended that you use the "Macro Word Processor" program to create a "U"
Because the word is stored in the floppy disk, the ROM is the floppy disk.
You can use it just as quickly as you want, but you can also use it as a de-
"R" is also used for "H" vertical cuts.
In the case of the U winter area, it can be shown in the map,

Only the MPC-25FK has a built-in KAnji-ROM. The MPC-25F and MPC-25FD have the equivalent on disk ('the ROM is the floppy disk" !!!).

By gdx

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14-04-2019, 15:22

rderooy wrote:

MSX Magazine 1986-01 on page 26/27 the text seems to say that both models support JIS1.

This is the word processor that have the equivalent of Kanji ROM JIS Level 1 on disk.

MSX Magazine wrote:

ディスク版ワープロソフト・地理グラフィックスソフトが 付いてます:
WAVY25FD - WAVY25F には、 JIS 第1水準の漢字を含む約 3000字と、熟語約4000語をサポートする、強力な内容のディスク版日本語ワープロソフト「漢字ワードプロセッサー」を標準で付属しています。文字と熟語がフロッピーに納められているので、漢字ROMは不要。

By rderooy

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14-04-2019, 15:22

Thanks guys, that clarifies it.