SFG-01/05 module clone

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By ro

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29-09-2017, 13:19

qwerty69 wrote:

Beware. The altera chip is an SMD component and must be soldered by robots or people with very special skills. Alexei you should not sell these boards to regular people without these skills. At least you should tell the whole truth.

Thank you for your concern, SMD is indeed a bit tuffer than regular soldering work. Alexei did a great job on this project, selling it like this is okay.

By Alexey

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18-10-2017, 12:26

Just verified that the YM2164 chip works correctly with the SFG cartridge board and the original SFG-05 BIOS. But with this chip it's likely to be impossible to use the SFG-01 BIOS because of possible incompatibility.

I still have a few cartridge boards for sale. I will also put 1-2 ready made cartridges for sale next week.

By Tabajara-Labs

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22-10-2017, 06:23

Board built and verified working. Thanks A LOT Alexey Smile An old dream comes true! Big smile Running Naked in a Field of Flowers

By Alexey

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08-12-2018, 22:32

The 3d model of the case for our SFG clone has been created. The board fit nicely and the module itself fit nicely into Yamaha's side slot. The model can be found in our repository:


We recommend to print the model with Brim, placing the case on its back (open side up). The same is recommended for the module's cover. The cover and the case must be printed separately!

Here's the photo of the assembled module:

By Grauw

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08-12-2018, 23:51

That’s awesome! A complete SFG-05 reproduction!

By Alexey

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09-12-2018, 02:09

I also added the model of the front panel that can be used with the network module's case. You need to cut the holes for the connectors in the module's case and then to glue the front panel to make it look authentic.

By hamlet

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09-12-2018, 00:49

Very nice work Alexey!

By Alexey

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01-07-2019, 16:33

The model is also available in our Thingiverse repository:


Also included is the faceplate model that can be used for Russian network module's cases with hand-cut holes (that are usually ugly). For those who don't want extra holes for audio and music keboard, here's an alternative case:


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