Should i disconnect the big yellow N-50SB3 to prevent leakage NMS-8280

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By Patrick van Veghel

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03-12-2016, 15:23

I was wondering if i can disconnect the battery N-50SB3 by cutting the leads to prevent leakage in the future. I own a NMS-8280.
Will the MSX still function then?
Or is it better to replace it with a new one?
Could not find much about this on the world wide web. So that's why i'm asking here.


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By Manuel

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03-12-2016, 16:07

It will function, but it will always forget the time and date (and some other settings). Not critical, but can be annoying.

By marcoo

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03-12-2016, 16:08

i think its better to replace the battery because of the clockchip
the chip remembers the settings from your system, your prompt the time and more
I replaced the battery because my color setting and prompt are changed and I don't like the klick sound when you type in a letter, you can turn it off in basic and with the set screen command it writes the to the clock chip

so I think replace the battery, but if you don't care about that you can cut it away the computer still works

By Patrick van Veghel

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03-12-2016, 18:58

Always nice if these basic functions still work. Are there any replacements on the marked today that can be used. And have a very low or no risk for destroying the motherboard when disaster strikes?

By l_oliveira

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03-12-2016, 22:41

You can modify it to not charge the battery and use a PC lithium cell in a battery holder, such as CR2032. It doesn't leak after it runs empty. Very stable.

By Patrick van Veghel

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04-12-2016, 13:52

any guides for this modification?

By JohanMSX

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04-12-2016, 14:14

I replaced the NiCd battery in my Sony HB-F700, see reply #8 and #9 of this thread

By Zilogger

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04-12-2016, 15:55

There is a correct replacment for the Sanyo N-50SB3
The Powercell 5051 3,6V 120 mAh NiMH 11 x 50,5 mm with wires.
The old Sanyo N-50SB3 don't leak because they are sealt.
So, there is no reason to remove the Sanyo N-50SB3 when you are afraid of leaking.
Unless you are going to replace it by a new one.

By Patrick van Veghel

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05-12-2016, 11:27

I just made a picture of mine MSX and the battery i'm talking about. So is this the sealed battery that you were talking about Zilogger?

MSX2 Pic

By Zilogger

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05-12-2016, 19:07

Sealed on each end of the battery.
The batteries in a Sony HB-500, HB 700 could be leaking.
I'll found many HB-700 with leaking batteries.
I replace them with non-leaking ones.

By Meits

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05-12-2016, 20:02

I cut it out and I never missed it because I let my megaflashromscc+sd set the right settings during boot... Off with them nasty batteries.

Got two more for the naughty corner Big smile

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