Sony HB-20p keyboard membrane replacement

By vsellares

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23-11-2022, 00:20

Hello all,

In forum I have started a funding to reproduce 30 of these MSX Sony HB-20p membranes that are so fragile.
I'm selling them (with almost no earning from my part) at 30€ each, plus 5€ packaging and ordinary postage or 10€ certified postage. Payment method as per today is limited to PayPal.

Just to make you aware on how things are going, I contacted a company in Madrid area (Cao Ingtec) which does this kind of products for industrial machinery keyboards so I expect them to have broad experience.
I sent two old broken membranes and a full keboard set to that company so they can reproduce the membrane with confidence. They have offered to create a test membrane for free and check if the reproduction works, so I can test beforehand if the new ones will be working or not. Regarding to that, you can wait to place the payment if you wish, but I'll deliver first whoever has shared the risk with me and advanced the money! Wink I'll keep sharing news as promptly as I receive them.

Needless to say, if the test membrane is not working or finally cannot be produced I'll do a full refund of the money using PayPal (that's the reason I'd prefer to keep PayPal as the only international payment method at this moment).

Before placing any order, please check the membrane's part number because there are some of them and may not be compatible. For instance, japanese membranes have this P/N: 56-7238A and are not compatible with european ones, which we identified 2 different P/Ns: 56-7238B and 56-7238F. It may be possible that there are some more P/N issued to different countries and those may not be compatible with the ones we will be manufacturing 56-7238B

All the details can be found in following post in but regrettably they are in Spanish. However, feel free to ask whathever question comes to your mind, I'll be happy to answer.

You can contact me in vsellares(at) and share with me how many membranes you want and which is your preferred delivery method. I will update the first va-de-retro post with the details for clarity to everyone.

Hope this can be useful to some of you!

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By mzoran

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23-11-2022, 10:47

great initiative, this should also work for 10P model
e-mail sent Smile

By vsellares

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23-11-2022, 13:53

Hi mzoran! AFAIK those two computers (HB10p and HB20p) are the same, only difference is that 20p only has RF as video output while 10p has a DIN5 connector (I don't remember if it is RCA or RGB).

I'll send you the answer to your mail afterwards.