Sony HB-35??

By Manuel

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12-12-2018, 19:11

Check out this article in RAM 49 (Sept 1984):

The HB-55 is clear, but what did they mean with the HB-35? A prototype which was never released? A misunderstanding?
It seems to have had a good keyboard and RS-232C... but only 16kB RAM (could have been the VRAM, though). The 8kB ROM is probably the built in software thing. It is said to have a built in joystick (that's not in the HB-55...)

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By hamlet

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12-12-2018, 21:49

When its had to be sold parallel to the 55P, it probably was a smaller machine. After the 55P/75P series Sony did switch to lower numbers.
Interesting article, Manuel!
And compared to modern keyboards the "cheap" 55P keyboard is very good to type on!