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By Louthrax

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25-02-2018, 17:00

Argl, I do not have this specific MSX-DOS disk... Will try to find it and let you know of my results.

Question for you Manuel: will this Sony HB-G900AP ROM be "preserved" in some ways (part of the official un-official openMSX ROMs sets...). Just to know if I can remove it here...

By hamlet

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25-02-2018, 17:22

I will dump mine tomorrow if further needed.

By Jipe

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25-02-2018, 18:45


By Louthrax

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25-02-2018, 19:40

I have got the disk, thanks guys!

By Louthrax

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28-02-2018, 21:50

Manuel wrote:

By the way, for some reason I cannot make the Video Utility work for the part of the functionality that should work without an LDP player connected. I'm using this sample program from the manual:

10 DIMF%(3000)
20 _SLFONT("DECO16",F%)
40 _TEXT("Video Utility",F%,100,100,7,10,2,3)
50 GOTO 50

You need the original MSX-DOS disk which contains the fonts, though. But I believe it is online somewhere. Does this work for you?

All I see is a blank blue screen.

Hi Manuel,

It seems to work on the real thing:

Let me know if you need more tests.

By Manuel

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28-02-2018, 22:00

I guess it needs some of the superimpose stuff for some reason for this. Is someone interested to disassemble the Video Utility? Smile

I created a ticket for this, see Thanks for the test!

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