Spectravideo X'press SV-738 Mods

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By CopperPod

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29-07-2018, 03:30

The second one is grey, merely seems white on photo. I thought light grey might interest some, being closer to CPU color.
The third one is naturally more exposed if a lot of liquid is being handled around and above it : ) but why would there? And it has better ventilation for heat reduction.
I don't understand the "issue" with 3M. The links, added earlier on, was for heatsinking the ICs (has 3M heattransferring adhesive pads).
PSUs has feet attached.

By djh1697

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29-07-2018, 14:33

@mxmy where in the UK are you based, i am in Leicester. To be honest I would not attempt this myself, my manual dexterity isn't what it used to be. Good luck with your mods! If you are not too far away I have, on long term loan, a carnivore 2 cartridge that we could try? There is a sound modification you need to do to the SV so the sounds are balanced.

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